Monday, August 1, 2011

Some movies I love

A little over a year ago, my hubby and I watched "Fireproof" for the first time. It still speaks to me. It is such a great movie with a great message behind it. It touches on a post I made yesterday about porn breaking apart a marriage. The movie is based on the book "The Love Dare" which gives couples a chance to compliment and do things for each other on a daily basis. It's a movie that I never get tired of, and since my husband likes it too, that is an added bonus.

I then discovered another movie that is also a Christian movie called "Facing the Giants." It is a great family movie that teaches us to not be fair weather Christians. We must praise God in the good times and bad, and not just go to Him when we are in need. We watched this again last night, and it always touches my heart.

Those two movies are from the creator of this next movie that comes out on September 30th. I am already planning a date night with the hubster to go see it. It has been over a year since we have been out alone, and it is long overdue. This movie is called "Courageous." It's about police officers and their lives. There are familiar faces from the two aforementioned movies in this movie. If it's anything like the other two, it will be great.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Fireproof also.. Though I don't think Kirk Cameron is the greatest actor in the world, the movie is a wonderful message..