Monday, September 24, 2007

Well, it's been a week since I updated because you guessed it, I've been busy all weekend. Friday, Shayna decided she was going to be in one of her moods and refuse to take a good nap. Now, when I say good i mean about 2 hrs, otherwise she turns into a nightmare later in the day- those 30 minute jobs that she likes to do sometimes just make everyone miserable.

So, against my better judgement, David and I agreed to meet a friend at Pizza Hut for dinner and that was a catastrophe. Not only did it take 20 minutes to console her after getting her in the highchair, the place was extremely loud and she hates that. She started to freak out and all I wanted to do was get home and put her to bed.

After a rushed dinner, unhappy baby, and some conversation, we left and she conked out as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot.

Saturday, we just did the usual shopping and went to Walmart after she had taken her good nap of 2 hrs. I bought her a new cart cover because I detest the one that she already had. Now, I'm not a huge germ-o-phobe but I do not want my daughter licking the cart and things like that because, let's face it, some of the people that have had their hands on those carts have probably done some questionable things, to say the least. We also ate at Chili's and that was pretty good.

Yesterday,we took Shayna to see my parents because they hadn't saw her in a while and she was really good with them, I'm hoping she's just about over her stage where she cries w/ anyone but mommy and daddy.

So, that's my update, it seems like I'm too busy doing laundry, sweeping, dusting, etc through the week to update.

Monday, September 17, 2007

busy weekend

So, it was another busy weekend for us and I haven't had the time to update until now. Shayna is down for a nap and I'm taking the time to sit down and blog a little.

Friday was nothing but a never ending quest to find David some new work shoes and of course, we had to go to the city for this wonderful journey. Now, you have to remember that we live in the land of Nowheresville amongst infinite fields of corn, tobacco, and soybean, and driving anywhere that consists of more than one traffic light makes my wonderful husband very disgruntled and whine in the most infantile of a manner.

So, 30 miles later, a screaming baby, and my husband getting aggravated at the city driving, we arrived at Shoe Carnival which turned out to be a waste of time because they didn't have any solid black shoes in his size.

We then get to the parking lot, only for him to whine even more about now having to go to the mall to look. After looking through the vast entity of shoe stores in there and having no luck what-so-ever, we headed home on the failed shoe shopping mission, and I was never so ecstatic to leave the city so I wouldn't have to hear about his hatred for the traffic as I was that day.

Saturday, however, brought much more happiness and we went to a community yard sale where I was able to find a bunch of clothes for Shayna to grow into (most 18-24 months) and got 3 big bags from one lady for $10.00.

Well, that's pretty much it for this past weekend except for Shayna crawling yesterday. She had been getting up on her hands and knees for the past two weeks, but she actually started moving somewhere yesterday- time for the cabinet locks, baby gates and outlet covers (which has already been done) to come out.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How life changes

As I was sitting here bored, I started contemplating on what I should write about. Since it's a weekday, it's been the same redundant routine at the Martin household. David gets home around 7:00 am and goes straight to bed and I usually get up around 10:00 with Shayna, feed her and make sure she's content until about noon, I then lay her down for a nap and have some time to myself which usually means the ever exciting household tasks of loading/unloading the dishwasher, laundry, and overall cleaning and David wakes up around 1:00pm and then does whatever else needs to be done outside. So, that's a typical weekday in this house; weekends however, are something very chaotic and different.

Which brings me to the point of this entry today. I was sitting here watching a re-run of Full House (sad, I know) and started thinking about my life as it is now vs. just about 2 years ago. About two years ago I was in yet another failing relationship when I met my husband. I was lonely, depressed, and I longed for what most of my friends had- a relationship and a child. I thought my situation was hopeless and I would forever feel forsaken and unhappy. Then I met David and my life changed forever. I managed to find one of the truly few good men that are left and we got married and had our beautiful daughter, but had you known me 2-3 yrs ago, you wouldn't think I was the same person. I just wanted to take some time to reflect on my past and write about how much I love life now. I have to cut this short because Shayna is waking up from her nap, but there's always more to come from the crazy times at the Martin household.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Seriously, what?

So, I'm sitting here writing again because due to a storm, my satellite signal has been lost; therefore, I can not watch my shows. I swear, if our satellite even sees a cloud it goes out, thus irritating the hell out of me. Anyways, I'm sitting here watching my husband play a game on Xbox and I'm wondering what kind of people make some of these macabre excuses for entertainment; of course they don't make games like they did in the good old days, I guess those are too boring and mundane to fathom playing.

On to my next thought provoking thing to talk about. I'm on the couch pondering the abundance of ignorant people we have walking around disguising themselves as intelligent individuals.
Why you ask? Well, upon surfing the internet, I came across an article about a woman who was told not to breastfeed her child at an Applebee's in Lexington, Kentucky. Keep in mind, I was born and raised in Ky and that particular Applebee's is only about an hour from my current residence in Indiana. It never ceases to amaze me that people are so offended by certain actions of others, yet continue to look. This woman was in a corner booth, discreetly breastfeeding her 7 month old son when she was approached by a waitress who proceed to tell her that she needed to cover her son with a blanket. The woman responded by saying that she didn't have a blanket (who would, it's like 90 degrees outside) and the waitress insisted she still needed to cover up. The woman then asked to see a manager and he told her that customers were complaining it was indecent exposure. She reached in her bag, and handed him a copy of Kentucky's laws supporting breastfeeding where it clearly stated that a woman has every right to breastfeed in public and it can not be deemed offensive or indecent exposure. He persisted by saying people were complaining, and the woman left before being served her food. This incident has sparked an outrage and there was a nurse-in at all the Applebee's today in the United States. I myself do not breastfeed, but had that situation happened to me, I would have remained seated and continued to nurse my child. If someone is so offended, that is why God gave you neck muscles- simply turn your head.- it's not rocket science.

So, I'm done with my little tangent for the night, and am still sitting here watching my lovely hubby play a game that looks like something from the pre-historic and space-age era combined. Yeah, I know, it sounds impossible, but I kid you not. After lowering my I.Q. drastically by being subjected to a really weird and rather disturbing game, I think I'm going to turn in for the night.

Men and their impatience while shopping, lol

So, yesterday was a pretty eventful one to say the least. Shayna is now 6 months old and I hardly had any clothes for her except a few pairs of pants, but I don't think they would have done me any good since I was lacking shirts, onesies, etc, so I came to the conclusion that we had to go baby shopping or we would have a naked baby running around as soon as she outgrows her 3-6 months onesies and shirts. I dread going shopping because David always goes with me since I don't drive, and I have come to find out that his lack of patience while I'm trying to shop and get the things we need is not only an unfortunate trait of his, but also a trait of most men. I found this out after having a conversation with my mom about this very subject.

After finally rousing him from the comforts of our warm bed at 2:00 pm yesterday, (he works 3rds) getting Shayna and myself ready, we finally managed to leave the house about 45 minutes later to head to the local Once Upon a Child for some much needed 6-9 month clothes. Now, this may sound simple enough, but you also need to realize that we live in a town with a population of about 3 people and 559,000 deer so we have to drive about 40 miles to get to the nearest big city.

When our 40 mile journey had reached it's end we arrived at Once Upon a Child, and sorting through the clothes there is about as easy as finding Lindsay Lohan on an anti-drug commercial or after school special. David was good at first, but after the first 20 minutes of me only getting through one rack, he grew impatient and continued to insist that we had enough, and I continued to tell him to go outside and have a cigarette. I was determined to get what we needed for her because he doesn't have a clue what she needs and I was not going to be rushed out of the store, only to ineveitably return two weeks later because he rushed me out the first time.

Amongst my never ending shopping excursion, I also decided to buy her two pairs of shoes for the winter time; I don't even attempt to put them on her now because she just kicks them off. After my one hour journey through the store, my husband complaining, and our daughter chewing on a foam snake he had put in her stroller, I arrived at the cash register and began piling massive amounts of clothes on there for the cashier to ring up. About ten mintues and 3 huge bags later, the damage was $145.00 I paid for everything and left the store. David about had a cardiac arrhythmia when I told him the total, but I had a sense of relief knowing that we would not be returning in two weeks because I took my sweet time and ignored him.

So, that mission was completed, but we still had to go grocery shopping which I also despise because we always need two carts and it's a never ending nightmare with my loving, yet impatient as a five-year-old husband. Upon arriving, I told him not to rush me in there because I did not have a list and didn't want to get home and realize we forgot ground beef, but have 5 boxes of ding dongs instead.

The trip to Wal-Mart was pretty smooth and we returned home with a very unhappy baby at 9:00pm last night. It was past her bedtime and she was very cranky. I fed her some naners and her bottle and she was out for the night.

Today, we are planning to do some yard saling and that will make the hubby happy because he loves going to those and I can't be rushed and feel like I'm forgetting something. so, I'm off to start our day and will update later.
P.S. the top pic is of all the clothes I bought, but I couldn't get all of them to fit.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It's been a while

Well, it's been a while since my last blog, but I've been pretty busy since we returned from vacation. I had about 4 loads of laundry to do and put away, and then it's just been hard trying to get back in the swing of things. For some reason I have been really tired and I've been going to bed around 10:00 which is totally unlike me.

Gatlinburg was fun, but it was so hot that it made it miserable so we are not going to be doing anymore summer vacations. David and I got married there last October and it was so beautiful then, but we suffered through some temps of 100+ degrees this time so out next vacation will be in the spring or fall of next year, but we haven't decided where yet. So, on to more important matters; David and I have been trying to have another baby, but my period was MIA since June and it returned while we were on vacation so now I have a way to gauge my fertile days and we will be trying again this month. Shayna is growing so fast, she will be 6 months old tomorrow, just started sitting up, and is trying her hardest to crawl. She really liked vacation and even let one of the Cherokee Indians hold her when we went to the reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina. Well, that's about all for now- she is content watching Spongebob and I need to get some things done.