Saturday, September 8, 2007

Men and their impatience while shopping, lol

So, yesterday was a pretty eventful one to say the least. Shayna is now 6 months old and I hardly had any clothes for her except a few pairs of pants, but I don't think they would have done me any good since I was lacking shirts, onesies, etc, so I came to the conclusion that we had to go baby shopping or we would have a naked baby running around as soon as she outgrows her 3-6 months onesies and shirts. I dread going shopping because David always goes with me since I don't drive, and I have come to find out that his lack of patience while I'm trying to shop and get the things we need is not only an unfortunate trait of his, but also a trait of most men. I found this out after having a conversation with my mom about this very subject.

After finally rousing him from the comforts of our warm bed at 2:00 pm yesterday, (he works 3rds) getting Shayna and myself ready, we finally managed to leave the house about 45 minutes later to head to the local Once Upon a Child for some much needed 6-9 month clothes. Now, this may sound simple enough, but you also need to realize that we live in a town with a population of about 3 people and 559,000 deer so we have to drive about 40 miles to get to the nearest big city.

When our 40 mile journey had reached it's end we arrived at Once Upon a Child, and sorting through the clothes there is about as easy as finding Lindsay Lohan on an anti-drug commercial or after school special. David was good at first, but after the first 20 minutes of me only getting through one rack, he grew impatient and continued to insist that we had enough, and I continued to tell him to go outside and have a cigarette. I was determined to get what we needed for her because he doesn't have a clue what she needs and I was not going to be rushed out of the store, only to ineveitably return two weeks later because he rushed me out the first time.

Amongst my never ending shopping excursion, I also decided to buy her two pairs of shoes for the winter time; I don't even attempt to put them on her now because she just kicks them off. After my one hour journey through the store, my husband complaining, and our daughter chewing on a foam snake he had put in her stroller, I arrived at the cash register and began piling massive amounts of clothes on there for the cashier to ring up. About ten mintues and 3 huge bags later, the damage was $145.00 I paid for everything and left the store. David about had a cardiac arrhythmia when I told him the total, but I had a sense of relief knowing that we would not be returning in two weeks because I took my sweet time and ignored him.

So, that mission was completed, but we still had to go grocery shopping which I also despise because we always need two carts and it's a never ending nightmare with my loving, yet impatient as a five-year-old husband. Upon arriving, I told him not to rush me in there because I did not have a list and didn't want to get home and realize we forgot ground beef, but have 5 boxes of ding dongs instead.

The trip to Wal-Mart was pretty smooth and we returned home with a very unhappy baby at 9:00pm last night. It was past her bedtime and she was very cranky. I fed her some naners and her bottle and she was out for the night.

Today, we are planning to do some yard saling and that will make the hubby happy because he loves going to those and I can't be rushed and feel like I'm forgetting something. so, I'm off to start our day and will update later.
P.S. the top pic is of all the clothes I bought, but I couldn't get all of them to fit.