Monday, March 31, 2008

The first birthday party...finally!

We finally had Shayna's party yesterday. The YMCA did everything for us, and I was pretty impressed w/ all they did at the incredible price. The cake was pretty, but it wasn't very good, but I can't complain about it since it was free. The day went pretty well, but Shayna was a mixture of unpredictable emotions with all the people that were there. She got a lot of summer clothes which is what she really needed, two gift cards, and a few other little things. I'll leave you w/ a bunch of pics from the party.

Oh, we can't forget about the cleanup to get the cake out of her hair when we got home.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

no luck

The curiosity was killing me, and I took a pregnancy test yesterday, against my better judgement, and yet again it was a negative. I just don't understand, am I being punished for something? There are so many women around me turning up pregnant who didn't even want it to happen, yet here we are, trying for 10 months now, and nothing! I can't even begin to explain the heartache, loneliness, and anger I'm feeling . I'm very grateful that we were blessed with Shayna, but I want more children. I never thought I would even be a mother due to all the failed relationships I have had, and here I am, a mommy- it's such an overwhelming, yet great feeling.

On a lighter note, David came down with something and was very sick Wed, Thurs, Fri, and is just now starting to feel better and actually keeping some food in his system, so I've been taking care of him and Shayna. We actually made it out to Walmart today, but he's still not feeling 100% better so we didn't stay long. Shayna is getting her 4th tooth, so we got her her first toothbrush (sniff sniff), some sleepy lotion, and a few other odds and ends. This is Miss Thing getting into the trash and being nosy- check out her cute outfit that my Aunt Anita got her.

So, I guess that's pretty much it for now, I just really needed somewhere to vent about my frustrations and depression I guess. Shayna's party is tomorrow after being rescheduled for the the blizzard, so I'll post some pics from it in the next few days.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stupid weather

As a child, I can distinctly remember sitting outside in shorts and a tank top on
Easter. Those days have been gone for a quite a while now, and our seasons have drastically changed; it actually snowed on Easter two days ago. All this un-spring-like weather has me seriously feeling the effects of cabin fever, and everytime we have warm temperatures, you can count on it raining. So, I'm very much looking forward to the 70 degree weather, but not the hot and humid sticky summer weather at all.
Well, Shayna is growing up so fast, and it's leaving me with serious baby fever. We have been trying for our second now for 9 months with no luck, and every month that I'm not pregnant just eats at me and breaks my heart. I'm in the 2 week wait again, and won't know anything until the April 2nd.
Well, that's about it for now, I know I have a boring and pretty uneventful life, lol. I need to get a few things done while Miss- I -No- Longer -Need- 2 -Naps-A-Day is asleep.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's been a while

Well, no matter how much I try to keep updated with this thing, it never fails that I always have something else to do, or Shayna is consuming my every micro-second, thus not allowing me to sit down and write. So, I'm going to try to remember to do this at least once a week from now on.

A lot of things have happened since my last update. Shayna has mastered the walking skill, and is all over the living room now. She also is starting to have temper tantrums, which is oh so much fun, and she had her first birtday on March 5th. Her party was supposed to be on the 8th, but we had a blizzard, and it had to be re-scheduled for the 30th.
Other than that, it has been the same-old stuff aroud here. It has been pooring rain for the past two days, and we're starting to see some sunshine today, so after Shayna wakes up from her nap, I'm going to take her outside.