Saturday, August 6, 2011

The weekend events

Yesterday we went to the annual Pioneer Days and tractor show in Rushville, IN. The hubs absolutely loves seeing the antique tractors that are powered by steam, and I enjoy seeing the newer ones. Shayna loves going as well. Even though she's a girl, she would rather have tractors than Barbie dolls. Here are some pics from the day.

That took up our entire Friday, and we came back home to put the munchkin in bed, and have some alone time. We watched a movie and went to bed pretty early. Walking around all day looking at tractors will wear you out fast.

Today consisted of a lazy day sitting around the house, and then we went out to eat at Roxano's (best pizza and bread sticks EVER). We then drove by our new house (the anticipation is killing us) and then came back home. Tomorrow's agenda is church and grocery shopping- one of my most favorite things, and the other is one I dread. I'm sure you can guess which one is which.


Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

Those are so great to go to. What fun family time and kids are just amazed by tractors.