Monday, August 8, 2011

Satan and his enticing ways

How often have you been pressured to do something when you knew there could potentially be bad consequences that came from it? What ENTICED you to do these things?

This has been on my mind since a hearing a sermon that my pastor gave last night. The word "entice" is normally not used in a good context when you think about it. Take the adulteress who entices the married man with her clever words and seductive ways. She tell him what he wants to hear, and she is working for Satan.

With persuasive words she led him astray; she seduced him with her smooth talk- Proverbs 7:21

I absolutely love my pastor. He has a God given gift of speaking that is interesting and makes you want to hear more. I 100% believe that God led me to being a Christian again so I could meet my church family, and hear him speak. In this context, ENTICE was a good word.

The sermon also was about how God doesn't compromise. We as Christians need to strive to live by His word. We can't say "Okay God, I'm going to get drunk tonight and have sex with random people, but I'll go to church to Sunday morning." God does NOT work like that.

I am by no means the "perfect" Christian, and do you know why? Because there is no such thing as the perfect Christian. We all fall short, but we can all strive to better children of God. I have found one of the best ways to do this is by reading the Bible. I feel such peace when I read it, a peace that I could never find at the bottom of a bottle, strip club, or bar.

I am still following an outline from Olivia at to read the Bible in its entirety in 6 months. I read a few chapters each night from different books, and it's my quiet time to reflect and give thanks to God.

You have no idea how great I felt when my pastor was talking about a specific incident in Genesis last night, and I actually knew what he was referring to. I felt a sense of accomplishment, and that's not something I feel very often.

I encourage anyone who is a fellow Christian to do this as well. Set aside a time where it will be quiet, and dig into God's word. It's the only way to learn, and it makes Satan cringe.