Wednesday, December 22, 2010

THAT Christmas house

Everyone has one- that one house in the neighborhood that goes all out with the lights and decorations. For my tiny town of 1,500 people, that would be the Day Family. The husband is a retired electrician, and has been doing the display for 35 years.

We all thought that was going to come to an end last year when Mr. Day announced he was very sick with lung cancer, and unable to put up the display. Several people from our town came together and put it up for him, and they came back this year as well.

This year was my fourth year seeing the display, and it warms my heart. One of the many memories I have as a child was driving around looking at Christmas lights. That was back when people had more Christmas spirit and the holiday wasn't so commercialized. It's sad that most people don't even decorate anymore. I won't be able to share those fond memories with my daughter that I had, which is why I am going all out with everything else, and will make sure to take Shayna to see this display every year.

The pics aren't the greatest. It was pretty difficult trying to get good shots when it's on a hill, and you're right on top of it in a parking lot below.