Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just another setback

It never fails- once we start working ourselves out of a bad spot, life throws us under the bus again. The wood stove we were going to get for only $150, with no money up front was dropped off a tractor this morning and busted. David's friend was trying to load it when it fell off the forks, and went tumbling down his driveway. I am not mad at his friend or anything, I mean accidents happen, but man oh man, could we just please get a small break here?

I guess the upside ( I always try to see the positive in things) is that we can still get one, but we're going to have to extend our loan which was going to be paid off at the end of this month, and that part is just a big let down to me. We were just about to get one loan paid off, and now we can't do that, although one rent check from our tenants will pay for it, which is a big consolation to me.

Another positive thing, is that we found a guy selling cheap wood- $100 for a full cord, and for those of you who don't how much a cord of wood is, it is a LOT, and they normally go for a lot more than that around here. This is not my house, but this is a full cord of wood:

That much wood will heat our house up through March, vs. three months worth of propane that would run us about $800. Hmm let's do the math here- $100.00/3= 33.333333 per month. $800/3= $267 per month. Well Skippy, I think I'll take the wood heat for just about $30 a month, lol. This is a very common thing around here, and now I see why.