Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Past the point of caring

I really just need a place to get my stress out about all this, and I don't like complaining, or being negative, but sometimes I just can't help it. It seems like we just can't catch a break anymore. I want to lock myself in the bathroom and cry. I'm on the verge of tears just typing this post, and I have to hold them back for Shayna's sake.

We were just starting to get back on track with our bills and get semi caught up. Last week, I had the called the automated line to check the account balance on our electric bill (as previously posted), and it said our last balance of $173 was paid on November 22nd and we had a $0 balance. I just called to check our new bill, and it's now saying that our last payment was on the 5th and we have a past due balance, and owe $277. I just don't understand how it mysteriously changed and is saying 2 different dates that it was paid. This has now thrown us back into a hole, and I'm so tired of trying to fight my way out of it. This will now make everything late again next month, and we won't be caught up until our taxes come in.

I need a miracle right now, and I just don't see that happening. Nothing seems to ever happen in our favor, and just when it seems like something does, BAM, here comes something else.