Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fun in the snow

I've been so busy blogging about other topics that I forgot to post these pics of Shayna in the snow last weekend. I'm hoping and praying for a white Christmas this year. If the weather continues to be like it has in the past week, I just may get my wish. We rarely have snow on Christmas anymore. It will snow BEFORE and AFTER just fine, but hardly ever is snow on the ground on the 25th. Over the years, the climate has warmed up because I can distinctly remember always having Christmas snow when I was a kid. So, enough with all my talk about snow. Here are the pics.

I even let our weenie dog in on the fun, which I'm not so sure she appreciated, and probably would have been happier inside by the heater, lol. My dog does NOT like cold or snow.

My hubby also joined in on the "fun." I put that in quotations because he absolutely DETESTS snow and the cold weather, but he had loads of fun hitting me with snowballs repeatedly. He quickly went inside after our snowball fight, but I give him credit because that poor man works outside in this weather on 3rd shift to support his family, so he's allowed to not like it.