Sunday, December 5, 2010


It has been almost a year since we started attending church on a regular basis, and today I saw just how good God can be. Within the past week, we have been severely behind on bills, the truck started having issues, and then last night to top it all off, the heater in Shayna's room decided to start having problems and tripping the breaker. Which means it's time a new for one, but do we have the money? Of course not. However, our good friend Darin had one that he is letting us use.

That was just one way in which God worked for us today. As we were leaving church, a fellow member told us to grab the box that was under the table in the entryway. We hadn't been to church in 3 weeks, so people started asking Darin about us, and he told them we were having a bit of a struggle and couldn't afford the extra gas to get there. The box underneath that table was full of food. David really did not want to take the box, but this man insisted that we take it. What great people they are to think of us like that! I truly believe this is one of God's ways of helping us, and I will be forever grateful .


Patty said...

What a blessing! That's definitely the kind of church I'd love to find! Sounds like it's full of some real Christians with their hearts in the right place. And Hooray for answered prayers! I hope y'all have a really great Christmas!