Saturday, December 11, 2010

Got wood?

Yesterday, we went and picked up a full cord of wood for the new wood stove we got. First, we went to one house that sold it, and the guy was trying to scam us by giving us way less than a full cord for the price of 2 rics. Bascially, he was trying to cheat out of $40. It's a good thing I have a husband who knows better, and has dealt with wood stoves all his life because we got in our truck, and went on down the road, only to get a full pick up load, plus a small dump trailer load, which is in fact a TRUE cord. This is what we spent an hour and a half stacking last night:

There are two stacks that are about 12 feet long x 5 feet high. So, we had all of our wood, but still had to pick up the stove today. David went out this morning, and between Shayna's Chirstmas play at school (a whole nother post), and fighting the pipe all day, we finally got it in about 3 hours ago, and it's working great.