Wednesday, June 6, 2007

what a day!

So, today was a not so good one with Shayna. First off, she has a routine/schedule and if it's broken it gets her all off track, so my sister-in-law (that I'd never even met) decided she was going to pop by unannounced this morning around 10:30. Well, Shayna is always sleeping around this time and this morning she was sleeping in her swing when my lovely sister-in-law decided she was going to go over there and wake her up which really made Shayna mad, (oh and I had told her that I just got Shayna to sleep, which should have been a hint, but no) so I've been dealing with an extremly cranky baby all day because she didn't get her nap in this morning and fought sleep the rest of the day, but she finally went to sleep for the night around 9:00 so i'm just catching up on my message boards and everything now, but other than that, it was an ok day; we had to go to Madison to do some grocery shopping and then came home. well, I'm off to do some cleaning.