Friday, June 29, 2007

Had fun today

Well, today David and I took his mom to Cincinnati so we could do some shopping. We went to Bass Pro World and looked at their camping stuff for our trip to Gatlinburg in August; that store is always fun to go and look around in. Then we went to the mall and walked around, I'm so happy because Shayna was really good today; for the past three days she has been really cranky because she wouldn't take a nap, but when you put her in the car, she's out like a light, so all that driving around did some good and she took a couple naps today. We also made a trip to Babies R Us and I swear that store is like my favorite place- I could spend hours in there.

David and I are also trying for another baby now; we want them close in age and we only want two. I know we probably didn't conceive on our first cycle of trying, in fact I took a pregnancy test and it was negative but it also could have been too early since I tested 3 days before Aunt Flo is due, so we'll just have to wait and see, like I said, I highly doubt it so we'll have to keep trying.

Here lately, I've became addicted to the Soapnet channel and I'm watching a lot more of them, I guess I'm turning into that typical SAHM, lol. I used to only watch Passions and I swear it's my guilty pleasure- the show is so cheesy and dramatic, but it just sucks you in. All the other ones I'm having a hard time following the storylines and figuring out what's going on, but General Hospital seems relatively easy to follow and I really like it, speaking of which, it's getting ready to come on so I'll write more in a few days or so.