Friday, June 22, 2007

Well I'm getting really excited about our trip to Gatlinburg at the end of August. We are taking David's mom with us because she's never been there, or anywhere big for that matter. We were going to get a cabin, but they are just too expensive and we really wouldn't of had any money left over to do anything with so we decided to take our camper down there and stay at the same campground that we stayed at last year when we got married. We are also going to go to Cherokee, NC again to go to the indian reservation, which is awesome because I got some great pics of that area last year.

On to this morning, I really hate deer. David totalled our malibu that we did have less than 2 months ago when he hit a deer,

so we got a trailblazer. Well, this morning he hit another deer coming home from work, I swear I hate those animals anymore. They are so out of control here it's ridiculous. So now we have to wait for that car to be fixed and it's untelling how long it will take. Well, I'm off to get Shayna, she's screaming her head off.