Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting old

As I sit here watching "Golden Girls ," (a show that I used to make fun of my grandma for watching), I realize that I am getting way too close to 30. If someone would have told me 10 years ago that I'd be married to the love of my life, raising a daughter, and spending my days as a stay-at-home mom, I would have laughed in their face.

My life is better that I could have imagined it. God has blessed me with a man that provides for his family, and a man with his priorities straight.

He has worked hard to build up his credit, and it has truly paid off. In order to get the house that we really wanted, we had to take out a mortgage loan. It's not something that I wanted to do, but you have to pay for the finer things in life. We have made a commitment to buckle down, and get the loan paid off within the next 9 years instead of extending it out for the full term of 30. In order to do this, we will have to take every tax return for those next 9 years and apply to the loan.

Anyways, on to talk about the new house. It's not in Kentucky where we wanted go originally. It's still in Indiana, but it' s a lot closer to family that where we are now, and it's a way shorter drive to David's work, which I know he is going to love. It literally has everything we ever wanted. It's on 15 acres, giving us more room for cattle, we can get into sheep, and there are hay fields there as well to feed the critters in the winter. There is a nice barn that is already set up for chickens on the inside, and there is some fencing already set up. It has twice the speed of internet that we can get now, and it's cheaper!

The only disadvatages are that we had to take Shayna out of her preschool. We found her a new one that is on the same road as our new house though, and they do a lot of the same things that her old one did. The house also needs some updating, but it's not like we have never done that before, lol.

Here are some pics of the new house. It's also brick, and to be able to get a brick ranch with the amount of land, at the price we did, was an absolute steal.