Saturday, February 6, 2010

The White Death and the movie "Fireproof"

I'm sitting here in absolute amazement after having just finished one of the best movies I have seen in years, and I literally mean YEARS. If you are a Christian and you are married, I highly recommend this movie, especially if your marriage is in trouble. Now, my marriage is not in trouble, but I still got a lot out of this movie anyway. However, had I watched this when I was an Agnostic, I'm not quite sure I would have taken as much from it as I did tonight, and even though he would never admit it, David got out a lot out of it as well.

The movie is based on a book called "The Love Dare," and it teaches couples daily things to do throughout a 40 day process to try and save their marriage. I am so glad I to have watched this with my husband since we have just started going back to church and are really trying to be better Christians.

On a lighter, and not so serious note, we have been trapped in the house, only able to go 5 minutes away due to what I now refer as "The White Death." I woke up to this giant pile of white crap........err I mean winter wonderland this morning. So, for all you southerners who wish for snow, you can live vicariously through these pics and be glad you don't need a snow blower or tractor just to get out of your driveway after the wind gives you 2-3 ft snow drifts.