Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Little Pet Peeves

There are quite a few things that get my feathers in a bunch. Some big, and others not so much.

What brought me to blog about this is a post that was on CM earlier. Now, after being on that site for 3 years I have learned 3 things which are as follows:

1) Never in your life will you come across people who care so much about what you do w/ YOUR own boobs.

2) It has turned into a drama- fest, complete with women who think their way is the only way, and if I didn't know any better, I would swear it was high school all over again minus motherhood.

3) No matter how much something pisses you off on there, you will continue to go back. It's like the crack of the internet world.

With that being said, I was on there earlier, as I usually am at various points of the day, no doubt avoiding some wifely task that I should be conducting, when I stumbled upon yet another post filled with sheer ignorance.

We all know those lovely chain emails, texts, and downright stupid rumors that get passed along that cause people to panic, right? Yeah, you know the ones that just scream "fake" and you want to kick donkeys for the imbecile who started them? I was ever so fortunate to stumble across one today that had to do with a gang initiation.

Supposedly, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, there are gang members placing car seats along the roadside with baby dolls in them and making them out to be injured. Motorists will stop to check on what they think is a human baby, and out jumps these thugs who attack, and sometimes kill the innocent person all to be in a gang.

Now, aside from the fact that this just screams "urban legend," and has been been disproved, let's just take a gander at how this doesn't add up shall we?

First of all, don't you think the "high ranking official" (it is always a high ranking official that tells about this) would have had this on the news instead of passing it along on the internet?

Second, wouldn't someone see this happening, as it's being reported to occur on roadways?

Lastly, where in God's creation would a whole gang be able to hide on the side of a road, and how would they know when someone was going to stop? They would literally have to be just sitting on the side of road like some form of aliens waiting for their spaceship. Yeah, that's totally inconspicuous.....NOT.

In conclusion, stop posting crap that doesn't even have a ring of truth to it, thus inducing panic and making you look like a blubbering idiot.