Sunday, January 31, 2010


After becoming quite jaded by prior experiences in Baptist churches growing up, and some traumatic experiences in my childhood, I was led into being Agnostic. I stated some of this in a previous post, but I wanted to shed some light on my experience with becoming a Christian again after my baptism yesterday. I absolutely love the church we are going to now, and I was re-baptized as a Christian yesterday in a non-denominational church so I am no longer a Baptist. I have done many things I am not proud of, and am now trying to make myself a better Christian. I definitely feel better about myself and like the change has made me a better person.

Yesterday was quite the experience. We met the pastor at the church, along w/ Darin, his wife, and the pastor's wife so I could get baptized for the Lord. George (the pastor) explained some things to me and I took a vow of sorts to be the best Christian I can.

I then got into the baptismal tub which was about 4 feet deep and so cold on the bottom it wasn't funny. It was warm on top, but the bottom was a whole different story.

So, after kicking the water around for a few minutes to get some of the warm water to the bottom, I was immersed and came up feeling like a brand new person.

Our friend Darin is preaching tonight and my wonderful husband will be rededicating his life ,and I will be presented with a certificate of my baptism and I will receive a new Bible. We will also become members of our church tonight and I'm pretty excited about it. We normally go to church on Sunday morning, but being that Darin is preaching tonight, we are going then instead.

I know there were some pictures taken of my baptism by Darin yesterday so when I'm able to get them, I will come back and add them here, but I wanted to share the actual experience for now.