Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh sweet blog, I have missed you.

After living in the camper for a week while we gutted our kitchen, stripped wallpaper, painted, and installed new carpet, we moved into our new house on August 20th. It took a little while for it to feel like home to us, but now it seems as if this house was made for us, and that we never lived anywhere else. The land is absolutely beautiful, and the one neighbor that we have is and older couple. Very sweet people.

Shayna has settled into her new preschool effortlessly, like the resilient child she is, and I am planning Christmas in my new home.

Well, that is where I have been for the past month, and I will leave you with some pictures of the new humble abode.

This was our kitchen the day we made the offer:

And this our kitchen now:

I will add more pics of the interior in a different post when I get everything done. This is the outside of my house, and the reason why we bought it.


morningdove831 said...

Beautiful home, Natasha! I'm so very happy for you all.