Tuesday, August 7, 2007

man is it hot!!

So, last night my a/c decided it was going to have a mind of it's own and just stop working. We are in the middle of an extreme heatwave with very high humidity and heat indexes of 106- 109 degrees, not to mention that we live in a trailer, a.k.a. a metal box that gets very hot without air. David was at work and couldn't get anyone to come in for him so he could home and try to fix it, so he called Big Dave, and when he was looking at it, he discovered that a fuse was blown so he put a new one in and presto, I had a/c again. Well, until around 5:00 this morning that is, when I woke up and discovered that it had quit working yet again. So we called a repair man and thank heaven he was able to get here on the same day. Turns out, that something had short-circuited and blew a transformer, so it has been running fine all day now. Well, you would think that it would end there right? Wrong- in the process of trying to get the a/c working last night, something happened and our big screen stopped working so we had to have a new one delivered today to replace ours, does it never end? We are leaving for vacation in 17 days, and are running short of the amount of money that we wanted to have to take with us, it's going to really tight until then. On a lighter note, Shayna has really started to develop quite a personality and little miss thing lets you know when she is mad. She is trying to crawl and gets very mad when she can't actually get anywhere so we bought her a walker and she's on the move now. Wow, it's only 11:14pm and I'm utterly exhausted. I think I'm going to turn in early tonight.