Tuesday, July 3, 2007

same stuff, different day

Well, David's mom is still in the hospital, but we are going to go see her again as soon as he wakes up. I did find out that Shayna is allowed in the room with us though, which is good because it really cheered mom up yesterday. I didn't think they would allow her to be in the room because most hospitals have rules against babies that small being in there, but all the nurses were really nice and they just thought she was the cutest thing ever.
They still don't know exactly what's wrong with mom and they aren't going to release her until they find out and she stops getting dizzy.
The stupid insurance company is really starting to get under my skin. The guy was out here last week to look at the car and they still can't get a hold of the insurance adjuster for the estimates to get it fixed, it has been over a week and it should have already been in the shop by now. We are having to drive mom's car because it's the only thing big enough to haul all 3 of us.
So, on to another matter that's pissing me off- I was due for my period yesterday and it still isn't here; now, if I were pregnant, I would be extremely happy about that, but I'm not. So now I have to wait for that stupid thing to come and go so I can figure out my fertile days and we can try again. Well, I'm going to go for now. Shayna is napping and I need to do laundry.